The Qualitative Research Method

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4. Methodology
4.1. Case Study
As a research method, this study applies qualitative research which denotes to studying things in their natural settings, attempting to make sense of or interpret phenomena in terms of the meanings people bring to them. It means that the research involves the studied usage and collection of a range of empirical materials which portray routine and problematic moments and meaning in individual’s lives (Denzin and Lincoln, 2011: 3-4). Therefore, the role of fieldwork through a long-term interaction with relevant respondents is very beneficial in the qualitative research in order to earn multiple perspectives (Glesne and Peshkin, 1992: 6). This method is the only way of establishing the validity of findings from field research. It can provide a deeper understanding regarding social phenomena than would be obtained from purely quantitative data (Silverman, 2001: 32).
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Firstly, the qualitative is the most appropriate method to be employed when the aim of the study is to explore people’s subjective experiences, embracing their interpretations on those experiences. In this sense, the qualitative method provides social researchers a chance to investigate further the meaning, process, and context of a unit of analysis. Secondly, the qualitative method facilitates researchers to investigate a case in-depth and detail so that this method typically produces a wealth of detailed information and increases the depth of understanding about cases and real situations. Thirdly, this method, in fact, has conventionally been applied in political science, especially in the context of micro-level analysis (Devine, 2002: 197-215; Patton, 2002: 14). As this study intends to examine the influence of political ideology onto political parties, the qualitative research is suitable with this

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