The Qualities, Methods And Impacts Of Effective Project Managers

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The Qualities, Methods and Impacts of Effective Project Managers: A Literature Review Jamie J Miehe Liberty University Abstract Determining the proper qualifications for a project manager is critical in order to implement a strong project management process. The methods that the project manager can implement include a traditional method, such as PMBOK, or the newer, more responsive Agile methods such as Scrum. How successfully a project is managed will determine the success or failure of the project. Keywords: project manager, project management methodologies, project management, PMBOK, agile, Scrum The Qualities, Methods and Impacts of Effective Project Managers: A Literature…show more content…
Each member has chosen an area of the project they have selected to complete. The deadline approaches. When a meeting is held the week before the due date to assess the level of completion, the team finds that the new requirements of the project have not been met, the project is over budget and the project is not going to be ready in time. Due to mismanagement, this project is in jeopardy of failure. A properly chosen project manager could have provided a different management style and outcome for this project. Necessary skills for a successful project manager could include formal ones such as education and certifications, but are these skills the primary determinants of project manager success? Aside from those earned skills, there are personality traits that contribute to the success of project managers. “Effective project managers require a balance of ethical, interpersonal, and conceptual skills that help them analyze situations and interact appropriately” (PMI, 2013, p. 17). The PmBOK guide (2013) lists interpersonal skills of a project manager as: Leadership, Team building, Motivation, Communication, Influencing, Decision making, Political and cultural awareness, Negotiation, Trust building, Conflict management, and Coaching (p. 18). Using these interpersonal skills could allow one to devise the description of a
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