The Qualities Of A Leader

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Introduction Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others – John Maxwell What would the world be without leaders? Many leaders across the world have paved the way and became advocates for issues concerning race, politics, freedom, individual rights, and equality. Being a leader is more than leading a group of people, but merely guiding them to accomplish a common goal or task. In a culture of ‘inclusive leadership’, each individual is encouraged to see themselves as a potential leader and manager. The extent to which they are given the opportunity to develop and apply these skills may vary depending on their role within the setting (Jones). When you are defining the appropriate characteristics of a great leader, there are necessary skills that a manager should portray. In this case, it is vital that a good leader be equipped with the skills to know how to adapt, empower, and motivate others. My brother Kourtney Royster is an excellent leader. Not only has he expressed it in his personal life, but in his work life as well. Interviewing my brother, I was able to gain valuable knowledge about his experience as a leader and be able to learn from his lessons, and find ways in which I could apply those skills to my own personal life and career. Discussion Managers who are effective leaders act in ways that create high levels of enthusiasm among people to use their talents fully to accomplish tasks and pursue important plans

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