The Qualities Of A Leader

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As per my own experience, I believe that the leadership is a skill which help others to grow in their own field, or who could drive others to achieve their own success. So, in the same way your behaviour, capabilities, and command should be considered as a person own skills that are needed in order to become a successful to motivate and direct others.
Or perhaps one could be a leader in their own life by guiding at Home, Country, Work and community where we usually play a role of leader. And this could be very well explained by giving an example of very well know Indian Prime Minister Mahatma Gandhi. Where we can say that he possessed some of the different leading qualities that lead whole India, ultimately achieve freedom in 1947, just by leading others he achieved his own goal. And here we can`t say that Gandhi was born as a leader, but rather it 's just their quality and ability that made him leader to make his country free from Britishers.
How much valuable for Leaders to Know their Leadership Style?
To what extend you think a leader could lead without knowing their own leadership style? Then my answer will be mostly leaders are unaware of their own leadership style. Now the question arises is that possible those leaders could improve their leadership style? And now i would say never as they are not even aware of their own style. So it is important first to know their own leadership style or qualities. As it will help to recognize us our strength and weakness and make

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