The Qualities Of A Speech Pathologist

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A). Interpersonal skills and social affect are pertinent qualities for a speech pathologist. Success as a speech-language pathologist is not only contingent upon being able to communicate with patients. Indeed, the purpose of our job revolves around rehabilitating or habilitating patients who may have had a stroke, dysphagia, and other speech and language disorders. Social skills concerning a patient necessitate positivity and motivation, we have to empower However, one has to consider familial involvement and the medical team, conversing with a parent or a teacher can greatly differ. Often, one needs to explain the progression of the patient differently and exhibit more patience.
For parents or caregivers, being blunt or insensitive is an unreceptive form of communication, we have to be flexible and knowledgeable of our vocal quality and behavior. If a speech pathologist is working with a medical team, and perhaps the patient had a stroke, then communication with a doctor is crucial, and having the necessary skills to be precise and detailed about the patient’s progression is paramount. As a speech pathologist, our caseload may be with children or the geriatric population, so enjoying, respecting, and loving to work with people is vital.
B. Empathy is vital in majority of professions, but even more so for speech pathologists. When a person takes another view, we broaden our own, it is important as a speech pathologist to be less egocentric and more ethnocentric.…
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