The Qualities Of An Effective Teacher Essay

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To answer the question “what are the qualities of an effective teacher?” I will use two things: my experience with phenomenal teachers and my work as a tutor and mentor throughout high school. I have come to believe an effective teacher is like a musician. Teachers transfer knowledge to the minds of students just as musicians transmit tunes to the ears of audiences. Both groups captivate others and inspire them. Each unique interaction requires coordinated messaging. To achieve successful “language” in the classroom, a teacher must control tenor and pulse in order to create an optimal environment for positive learning. The first aspect to effective teaching requires the teacher to have knowledge of the subject matter. However, this is complicated because the possession of raw knowledge and the ability to recite facts are not sturdy enough crutches for an effective teacher. Teachers must also be able to integrate information. An effective teacher must find a balance between complexity and simplicity, creating students who are not broken records of unapplied knowledge nor who simply seek points for accuracy. To achieve this balance, teachers must meticulously articulate their own knowledge so that fresh minds are neither overwhelmed nor bored by it. Similarly, a good musician constructs pleasant timbre; he doesn’t simply spit out jumbled arrangements of sound, he creates smooth harmony that leaves the audience craving more. How do teachers present material so that students
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