The Qualities of a Successful International Leader Essay

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It can be concluded that a manager who works in an international company or in an international environment needs a variety of key qualities to be successful as an international leader. In general a manager needs to have good leadership skills, which allow him to gain trust, give direction, and delegate responsibility amongst his staff. Furthermore, good leadership skills include knowing when the employees require additional development and how to ensure that those developmental opportunities are fruitful. The development of other people includes refining each person's abilities and encouraging them to direct their abilities toward efficiency. Moreover, it is important for a good leader to recognize developmental opportunities not only in…show more content…
To acquire a large network, a good international leader should be able to build personal relationships with not only his team, but also other people like business partners. If a manager is trustful, then the employees are more likely to exceed expectations and business partners are more likely to do business successfully. When a manager creates a relationship with employees and business partners, it builds trust and a feeling of respect. The resulting heightened morale means employees and business partners are more willing to do their job correctly and to give extra effort when required. In order to be a successful international leader I need to develop and improve the aforementioned key qualities. In particular, the skills I need to improve are my communication and leadership skills. The teaching of those skills, which are defined through five key competencies by the Hult School, is extensively integrated into the curriculum of the MBA Program. Therefore I believe that the Hult International School of Business can help me to improve and enhance those skills. Since I have already worked in various countries, such as Singapore and Spain, I could acquire knowledge of how to interact and behave with different cultures. Still there are other cultures I have not worked with or came into contact with, but the course of Hult would give me the opportunity to get in touch with many different cultures, since it is one of
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