The Quality And Quality Of The Coca-Cola Company

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QUALITY The Coca-Cola Company is well aware of the economic advantages deriving from a qualitative product. In 1995 they introduced their own quality system, called The Coca-Cola Quality System (TCCQS). This system is based on four important principles – enriching the workplace, providing quality in the marketplace, preserving the environment and strengthening the community – which reflect Coca-Cola Company’s integrated approach to managing quality. TCCQS underwent many evolution, until reaching Evolution 3. Figure 1 will help explaining it. The pyramid has got three facets. The Quality one is the core. Beside it we have the Safety & Loss Prevention and the Environment ones. Each facet consists of the same parts: therefore we both have an Environment…show more content…
Producing a quality and safe product, which is respectful of the environment and people’s care means being well aware of how things inside the operation must be done. Going on, Coca-Cola must follow international standards and specifications such as beverage, ingredients, product, packaging and sales & marketing equipment. The requirements level then consists of the Company’s minimum requisites to abide. These beverage, product requirements, standard methods, group and business unit quality, packaging requirements and so on. The references level, that makes up the “How” part, is referred to all the guidelines, guides procedures and references that may help the organisation to work and produce properly and in a reliable way. “The goal is to become an information-driven Company at all levels of the organization and to recognize that the tools and capabilities to realize this vision are available today if we empower our people to use them. Therefore, the guidelines provided in the References section are not mandatory, but instead relate recommended approaches, best practices and shared

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