The Quality And Safety Education For Nurses

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Informatics competency Nowadays, the healthcare system is rapidly changing, placing a large burden on nurses. The rate at which the changes are taking place is high and nurses are finding it increasingly difficult to accommodate these changes in their learning and practice. Unlike in the past where health institutions were cautious to change, better effective technologies and innovation have caused a shift from this notion. Modern health institutions are more open to change and are ready to try out new technology. This factor has placed nurses in a difficult position as their tools of trade are constantly changing and increasing in complexity. This problem of nurses is what the QSEN tries to address. The Quality and Safety Education for…show more content…
The main agenda was to prepare nurses with knowledge, attitude, and skills in an effort to continuously improve their workplace safety and quality. QSEN acts as a guide to nurses by informing them how to deliver nursing care. QSEN has developed competencies that nurses are supposed to follow. The competency statements are six in total. Nurses’ educators can utilize the competency statement in incorporating the statement to their curriculum. The overall goal of the creation of QSEN was to address the challenge in the preparation of future nurses with the attitude, skills, and knowledge necessary so that they can continually improve the quality and safety standards in healthcare systems. The accomplishment of this goal involved QSEN developing six competencies for pre-licensure nursing education. Patient-centered care is one of the six competencies. This competency advocates for nurses to respect a patient’s preferences, needs, and values. A patient is the source of control and partner in the providence of compassion. Teamwork and collaboration are the other competencies. They advocate for communication, respect, and shared decision-making for quality care of patients. Evidence-based practice is the third competence, which advocates for up-to-date evidence, clinical expertise, and patient’s preferences and value in the provision of optimal healthcare. Quality
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