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The quality film I have selected is “Goodfellas”. I believe this is truly one of the best films created during its time period. A little information about this movie before going into more detail involves the starring of popular actors, along with the movie focusing on many characters but specifically Henry Hill. Throughout this paper I will discuss such elements as: the plot; acting; directing; originality of story; soundtrack; and other important aspects in the production of the film. This film was a huge box office success and I will explore how its production made this possible.
For the plot in the “Goodfellas”, it centers on a young boy named Henry Hill. In the beginning the film shows Henry doing minor things for the
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After the death of Tommy everything fell apart. Jimmy turned his back on Henry leading to Henry later “ratting” on the organization. Overall, the plot could be shown as; Henry works his way up through the system in the Mafia, it also shows his hardships throughout the movie. The movie also introduces the life of a gangster during that time period, it showed how one day everything could be fine and the next not so well.
The acting in this film was excellent in my opinion. The three main characters: Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, and Robert De Niro all played their roles phenomenally. The film was directed by Martin Scorsese. An interesting fact I found out was, Al Pacino was offered Niro’s role and he turned it down. I thought the characters played a great job with their roles. Majority of the actors in this movie had some sort of connection in gangster films. A few of the actors in the “Goodfellas” were big stars in “The Sopranos” which I found to be intriguing. In all, the acting throughout this film in my opinion was fantastic. Each actor played their role in a unique yet, spectacular way.
The originality of the movie “Goodfellas” is based on the book “Wiseguy”. These two are very similar. Both the movie and the book share the same setting and outcomes. The film’s setting is East Brooklyn. The character’s personalities are also similar. Henry’s true joy was hijacking and in the movie he also enjoyed doing it. The
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