The Quality Management Case Study

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In the quality management case study (Rickling, 2013), Lauren, a new quality engineer straight out of school has been tasked to test new devices at a very prestigious technology company. I’m sure she wants to perform well in her new job however, she has found that the devices were not meeting the high standard of extreme conditions testing per the agreed upon specifications with their new customer. Consequently this customer partnership puts this company ahead in the market and is a huge milestone for them. Upon exposing the failure to meet the specifications, her general manager and immediate boss have instructed her to push this product through anyway as to not risk slowing down a large production and jeopardizing this new deal. Lauren has been put in a very difficult spot having to decide to compromise ethical standards of both her job and that of the customer with slowing down a new massive production and potentially putting the contract and her job at risk.

At first glance this may not look like much of a problem but the outcome will affect four entities; the customer, the upper corporate management, the general management (advising Lauren), and Lauren as well. First, this problem will affect the customer whether they know about it or not. They will unknowingly accept a device based on false data or contracted agreement or possibly they will be knowingly part of a delay or rework in the contract to fix this problem. Second, the company itself who agreed upon a set of…
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