The Quality Management Challenge

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The Quality Management Challenge There are many organizations today that want to establish a useful product quality management system. In an organization there are different locations, business units, and departments that can often use separate processes to solve product deficiencies. This can lead to confusion down the line. Lifecycle is one method that can improve product quality management in the manufacturing and service industries. Agile Product Quality Management can provide businesses a way to extend their enterprises where teams can dynamically update, access, and analyze information about product quality from internal to external departments, customers, and suppliers. (TechWell, agile connection, 2011). Quality Assurance in procurement Quality assurance is a wide-ranging concept that influences the value of an item to ensure products are of the highest quality. There are several factors in the Quality Assurance in procurement phase such as the “implementation of a quality assurance system in procurement, including systems for prequalification, storage and distribution, may affect costs” (Thomas, David, Niranjan, & Lombe, 2012). The benefit of testing products is to ensure quality that can reduce possible losses caused by the purchase and supply of substandard products. To ensure the highest quality a product needs to be prequalified through manufacturers before it can be distributed and purchased. All activities during the procurement process need more efficient
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