The Quality Of A Hotel Restaurant

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1. Goals/Objectives for the negotiation The main objective of this negotiation is to protect the reputation of the Statler Hotel, often the quality of a Hotel’s restaurant is judged by the quality of the coffee served, we need to successfully go through the negotiation to increase the perceived quality of the Hotel. In order to be able to serve a quality coffee, we need to get a good price per pound, the Hotel is currently under close scrutiny of its costs and even though we’re really interested on Anderson’s coffee, we can’t pay any price, we need a competitive price (at least under $7.40 per pound) to justify the higher expense. Other objectives include getting deliveries at least every two weeks, secure the price for a specific time and negotiate the quantity we would order and the repair on the coffee machines. I am also very interested in impressing my boss, I’ve been in this position for only 6 months. I believe that if I can get Anderson to sell us the coffee at a price that would allow us to remain cost-effective, he will be very pleased and impressed with my performance, as I will have helped improve the quality of the Hotel, which is his main interest in this negotiation. Finally, my goal was to get a good bonus, I have been offer $50 for every penny I save the Hotel, so I have a money incentive that will allow me to get more personally involved in the negotiation, as I have a personal incentive to get the price as low as I can get it. 2. Progression of events The
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