The Quality Of Communication And The Way A Person

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The quality of communication and the way a person chooses to express it, can impact the way a situation conclude. A the way a person chooses to take advantage of the opportunity of communication with another person, creates the type of relationship between one another. It is highly important to have good communication skills including the ability to listen in order for everyone in the situation to be satisfied.
The two characters in Hills Like White Elephants have the problem with failing to connect with another. Both tend to be distant and avoidant about the topic of the baby. The man in the story is being some what manipulative and not effectively communicating his thoughts properly with the girl. Although Jig is failing communicating her own thoughts and feelings, he fails to consider Jig’s emotions. The biggest problem with Jig is, she wants the baby but also wants the man to want the baby and love her. Although the man says ‘if you don’t want to [do the operation] you don’t have to… “I wouldn’t have you do it if you didn’t want to,” he will then persuade her in the direction of proceeding with the operation by saying, “ it’s [a] perfectly simple,” operation. He indirectly leads her towards the abortion by saying “[this baby] is the only thing that bothers us. It’s the only thing that’s made us unhappy.” Jig doesn’t want for the man to be unsatisfied, therefore she considers getting rid of what they think is the “problem”. She claims she doesn’t “care about [herself]”
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