The Quality Of Health Care

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Good is the Quality of Health Care in the United States We hear a lot about the quality of Healthcare within the United States in today’s day in age. Health care quality is pretty much getting the right care to the right patient on time at the right time every time the quality of health care affects everyone in the United States and determines what kind of care is given. In this article the role attachment is how to get good quality of healthcare and where it already stands. There are tons of people out there with health care who can afford and there are those out there that can’t afford it. Although those things are important what kinds of care are they offering out there and if the quality there offering is right? More people today are receiving healthcare as some are not receiving healthcare and some due to experiences some are receiving more than they need. With that being said the United States has not met the standards that they should have in order to have quality healthcare. What particularly is the quality of good healthcare? To me in order to get good quality health care it should be available and affordable also care choices and costs and benefits that will allow patients to make decisions about the level of care that is best fit for them also respectful such as privacy, comfort, convenience of care, and security and not discriminating because most of times people get discriminated against whether they have Medicaid, Medicare, or

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