The Quality Of Life For The Average American Faces Essay

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The quality of life for the average American faces many threats, one being obesity and malnourishment. Although, many Americans do not see this as a pressing threat due to the other serious issues going on around the world such as terrorism or global warming. However, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and digestive and Kidney Diseases, “Seventy percent of Americans are overweight and forty percent of children are overweight.” Many find this concerning and question the creditability of this statement. Though this may seem hard to believe, as posted on National Geographic, America’s main food group as of 2016 is sugar and fat. This disheartening statistic spotlights how the addiction to artificial, processed foods and sugar pose the biggest threat to Americans’ quality of life. As posted on the online exhibit Food System History, since World War II, processed food has evolved to become the leading food group in America. During WWII, foods such as spam, dehydrated potatoes, and powered orange juice were sent to feed soldiers that were serving outside the United States. However, profit hungry businessmen saw that processed foods like these created a high yield, could be produced inexpensively, and people liked the taste of the artificial flavor/sugar. This epiphany led to the beginning of the end of a healthy lifestyle of an average American. As time progressed, the amount of processed food has increased dramatically. The introduction of processed foods and sugar
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