The Quality Of Life In Urban And Rural Life

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Urban areas are the human settlement with high population and well-established infrastructure. People who live in urban areas are mostly involved in commerce and trading activities. However, urban areas are not confined to cities only, but also includes the suburbs areas. On the other side, rural areas are region situated on the outskirts. There are open space and natural vegetation. Residents practice agriculture and animal husbandry and use it as a source of income. Many people and families raise questions on the benefits that one acquires by choosing to live in either urban or rural settlement (Lucas 31). Quality of life is essential when comparing both urban and rural life. Even though both locations are best to live, it is crucial to evaluate the similarity and differences between two places. Various factors such as the diversity, employment opportunities, health, and capacity to make broad choices influence one decision while comparing urban and rural life. Even though life in both urban and rural areas offers great benefits, there are some drawbacks in both lives. Both positive and negative factors determine the quality of life in urban centers. To start with, people living in cities have a variety of choices to make regarding their everyday lives. For example, residents in urban areas have access to the various types of food which results in improved health. Additionally, different types of culture exist in cities. People learn different culture through

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