The Quality Of Quality Products

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Executive Summary Above everything else, what consumers want from companies is the quality of the products that they are buying. Most consumers do not mind spending an extra buck for the sake of having the best product available. In addition, to this, consumers will go way out of their comfort zone to get a durable product. However, the truth of the matter is that most companies that lasted in the market do not have this in mind. Their provision of quality products is limited to what the statistical analysis in their books shows. If it is very expensive, then it is an unsuitable option. This has led to a scenario whereby American companies have been left out and defeated by other competitors in other markets. The realization of this fact has come to them at the opportune moment. And by taking advantage of this, most American companies have adopted a system of analyzing quality that will be analyzed in this paper. The system was not based on an aggressive strategy to gain and hold markets founded on a competitive linchpin with high quality; they were just defensive measures to simply eliminate ‘defects’ or preempt failures – which is not what managers need.

Joseph Juran’s first edition of the Quality Control Handbook answered a few questions of the defensive character of traditional quality control. The main focus on getting a grasp of the concept is understanding where the quality movement currently is in comparison to where it was. The 1951 book, which
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