The Quality Of School Facilities

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. The quality of school facilities can be important for ensuring that certain populations are able to enroll and complete schooling; the availability and quality of bathrooms in or near schools, for example, has been cited as an important factor in ensuring girls’ access to education. Where facilities are not available, or when quality is perceived as lacking, children may not be able to attend school at all.
There are also conditions in which formal schooling structures may need to be adapted, such as in circumstances of poor security and armed conflict. Sometimes cost keeps the poorest children out of primary school, even when school fees have been abolished. Hidden costs, such as uniforms, exam fees, and other required contributions can be too large a barrier for poor families. The loss of potential income or help in the home from a child attending upper primary or secondary school, instead of working, additionally impacts the decision to continue the child’s education. Direct and indirect costs are certainly one of the main reasons primary school students do not transition to secondary school. Often secondary school is not free and school fees become much more expensive, requiring substantial contributions from households. In Sub-Saharan Africa, household contributions cover 30 to 60 percent of the cost of secondary schooling. Many countries, especially those with large youth populations, are struggling to provide sufficient secondary school options for eligible…
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