The Quality Of The Accommodation Services Essay

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CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION The quality of the accommodation services consists of ‘the ability of a product or service to meet the needs, requests and expectations of clients’ (Zimáková, 2010). Jones (1998) argued that customers are only worried about whether the services of an accommodation establishment they are to be offered are of the standard that they expect. Guests expect the quality of service, which is in line with their requirements, service that conforms to the promise to perform set by an establishment in its marketing efforts. Hogan (1994) suggested that service quality is a degree of how well the establishment’s service level conforms to customer expectations. Johns (1995) argued that it is how the customer views the service provider of an accommodation establishment that expresses whether the level of service he or she offers is satisfactory. When a service failure happens, an organization ought to put plans in place to ‘bring back’ clients to a state of satisfaction (Boshoff and Staude, 2003:9). Griffin (2001:95) and Evans (2002:195) noted that accommodation establishments should carry out a ‘win back’ programme to retain valuable clients lost to the establishment. An accommodation establishment ought to plan ahead for service recovery. If it is fruitful with service recovery, this can result in an increase in the level of customer satisfaction (Baron and Harris, 2003:64). In this regard, it is very important that accommodation establishments deliver high
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