The Quality School : Managing Students Without Coercion

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“The Quality School: Managing Students Without Coercion” is a book that should be read by anyone considering going into the field of education. The book is written by William Glasser, not a teacher but a psychiatrist. In his own words “the purpose of this book is to explain how to manage students so that a substantial majority do high-quality schoolwork”, he uses his knowledge of psychiatry and personal experience of over thirty years including his work with Johnson CIty Schools. With his experience Glasser was able to use real life examples in his book to show how to implement his ideals. The nature of the book is a how to guide in helping teachers evaluate and use his methods to create a quality school. Glasser’s book takes place in American schools during the 1980s and highlights the problems of schools that are failing their students. Throughout the book he gives examples on what is being done wrong in the American school system, and what educators can do to fix it. His other minor purpose of the book is to show administrators and teachers how to take their school and create the quality school. The way Glasser chose to compose his book was by breaking up the chapters into what elements of a school is important including the teachers and administrators roles in helping students get more out of schooling. The first chapter is Glasser explaining the issues he observes in public schools, from students being coerced into doing work, students only doing the minimum work to
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