The Quality of Integrity in Life and Business

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Introduction Integrity has always been the most important quality to me throughout my life. I believe that if people are able to trust my judgment and trust my decisions, I will go a lot farther in every aspect of my life. For example, if my coworkers are able to trust my work actions I will be given more independence at work and more freedom to make decisions which will ultimately lead to a higher potential for promotion. Think about it, would you ever consider promoting a worker who you knew lied, cheated, or performed illegal acts such as fraud? I know I wouldn’t. This brings me to my next point; what would I do if I knew one of my clients was performing an illegal fraudulent act? Would I have the courage and be willing to risk my job in order to bring the truth to the foreground? Would I blow the whistle? I would like to think that I would answer a definite yes to that question but the truth is when one is in the position to either blow the whistle or not blow the whistle there are many outside forces that play into the decision. It is necessary to be reminded that in order to preserve integrity, blowing the whistle is a necessary act when deemed appropriate. In this essay I will explain what types of situations require the whistle to be blown and how to determine those situations, as well as any trends found through research between whistleblowers such as age, gender, loyalty to job, etc. Basics of Fraud The process for determining when a fraudulent

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