The Quantum Relativistic Mess

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Introduction String theory is one of the most active theoretical frameworks in particle physics that is used in an attempt to successfully reconcile general relativity and quantum mechanics. This concept is a great contender of quantum relativity mess theory, string theory and the theory of everything. In this essay, we visit these theories and provide a general view or opinion on the future of physics. The new form of physical theory Through out history, several changes have taken place in physics with the governing equations and fundamental principles being developed by several scientists in a view of understanding the way our universe works or even created. The evolution of physics from relying on the Newtonian Model, to gravity and currently to string theory means that discoveries in particle physics are still ongoing in an effort to reconcile general relativity and quantum mechanics. The Quantum Relativistic Mess According to Mohamed (2009) the existing current standard model of physics suffers a major fundamental flaw. It is in fact made up of two completely separate theories; the theory of Quantum Mechanics and the theory of General Relativity. When applied in their various extremities, both theories are noted by Mohamed (2009) to provide fairly accurate and sensible predictions. The theory of General Relativity is noted to work best when applied in the prediction of the phenomena that is associated closely with large celestial bodies while Quantum Mechanics only

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