The Quarterly Sales Report Essay

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The Quarterly Sales Report

ChiVonda Wiliams

Context of Case

This case involves the vice president of sales at Selit Corp. and his approach at analyzing sales data. Ron Hagler, had just received a report on the past five years of quarterly sales data for the regions that he is in charge of. After Ron looks at the sales data, he immediately calls a meeting with his regional managers to discuss what he saw. He is correct when he notifies his managers that sales rose and fell during certain quarters and years BUT he failed to understand why these variations occurred.


❖ Ron Hagler has ineffective approach at improving sales ❖ Ron doesn’t understand variation and that every process has it ❖ Risk of
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The north central and mid-Atlantic regions are trending up at a much greater rate than any of the top three regions. The south central region is remaining pretty constant overall but at least they are not declining. After all, Dave, the manager of the south central region said that it was in fact a tough region and that there was a lot of competition. He said that he did lose numerous accounts over the years but he was able to replace them with new ones. When Ron looked at the numerical figures, he didn’t think as to why his sales were lower. He didn’t bother to take into consider that this was a tough region and that it was more difficult to get accounts in his area than it was in others. Mr. Hagler should have acknowledged and gave recognition to the managers of the mid-Atlantic and north central regions because of the rapid growth they had over the last five years. The case doesn’t state what Selit Corp. sells but in general, sales are usually higher in the fourth quarter due to the holiday season and lower in the first quarter. Ron needs to take all of these factors into consideration when evaluating the sales data. Numerical goals are meaningless, especially if they are based on an inaccurate analysis of the data. In addition comparing the data properly and considering other external factors, Ron needs to determine why there is variation from year to year to year and from quarter to
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