The Queen, 2006 Film Analysis

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The Queen

A film directed by Stephen Frears in 2005

Written assignment:

Write an essay (700-1000 words) in which you make a portrait of either Queen Elizabeth or Prime Minister Tony Blair, based on the way the character is depicted in the film. Your essay should also include a brief characterization of either Prince Philip or Cherie Blair.

You may use any of the elements of ‘cinematic technique’ and/or ‘theatrical elements’ in support of your portrayal of the characters, using the document ‘Film analysis’.

The character I have chosen to portray from Stephen Frears movie, “The Queen”, is Queen Elizabeth who is conflicted and under pressure due to the high pressure from her people,
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As the pressure grows heavier because of the Queen’s absence, she finally decides to go out in the public and show support. She fears the people see the monarchy radically different than before Diana’s death. When she finally goes out and sees the flowers at Balmoral she realizes that even though she had badly misunderstood what her people had expected of her, they cherished and loved her presence.

After her experience at Balmoral, she goes out and makes the long anticipated statement concerning Diana’s death and she shows her people that she cares, maybe not wholeheartedly but she gives them what they want and shows the compassion that they need. This show just how much the Queen evolves during the movie and turns out to be a dynamic character, who grows as the story unfolds, and has a interesting bending character arc. The way Helen Mirren portrays the character and catches the essence of Elizabeth as a Queen, who isn’t condescending, overly arrogant and stereotypical gives the character immense depth and required strength and even though you doubt it at times, she turns out to be the protagonist.

Brief characterization of Cherie Blair.

Cherie Blair is a woman who knows what she wants and does not hold back her opinions on any matter, several times during the film she indicates that a modernization of the monarchy would be
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