The Queens Museum in New York

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At 111th Street and 49th Avenue in Flushing, Queens, NY houses a grand architecture of knowledge and wisdom; The Queens Museum. According to the Museum's website, the building architected and renovated by Daniel Chait and was used for the 1964 World's Fair as the New York City Pavilion. Eight years later minor alterations were made to the north side of the New York City building and was converted into the Queens Center for Art and Culture, which was later called the Queens Museum of Art. The magnificent beautiful building, in 1972, it opened to serve as a cultural center for the borough of Queens. The building then had further renovation, in 1994 by architect Rafael Viñoly reconfiguring the structure into galleries, classrooms, and offices. The Queens Museum is housed in the New York City Building that was constructed for the 1939 World’s Fair that hosted the United Nations General Assembly 1946-50. Situated in the one of the most diverse county within the five boroughs, the Queens Museum has focused on outreach and access for a wide range of audiences. The museum is known for international contemporary art exhibitions that reflect the hyper-diversity of the borough. The museum’s Education Department is the first in America to employ art therapists in a dedicated, fully accessible classroom. The Queens Museum is simultaneously a fine arts collecting museum, historical site, community center, and educational classroom. Museum hours are September to June are Wednesday to

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