The Queens Visit

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The Queens Visit

The dungeon was a miserable place. Light was scarce and flickered from the torches bolted to the cobblestone walls. Foul smelling water dripped inside from the moat circling the palace above. Large rats chased each other across the floor searching for food. This was no place for a queen.
It was just past midnight and all was quiet except for the occasional movement of a chain. Through the heavy silence, a single set of footsteps echoed throughout the halls as someone climbed down the spiral steps into the dungeon.
A young woman emerged down the steps dressed head to toe in a long emerald cloak. She cautiously made her way past the row of cells, sparking the interest of the prisoners inside. With every step she took,
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The women faceses the bars, waiting for them to be raised, but the guard hesitated.
“Are you sure you want to go in there, Your Highness?” the guard said. “There 's no telling what she 's capable of.”
“I must see her,” the women says. “At any cost.”
The guard began turning a large circular lever and the bars of the cell rose. The women took a deep breath and continued past them.
She journeyed through a longer darker hallway where a series of bars and barriers were raised and then lowered after she walked past them. Finally, she reached the end of the hall, the last set of bars were raised and she stepped into the cell.
The prisoner was a woman. She sat on a stool in the center of the cell and stared up at a small window that was covered with dirt. The prisoner waited a few moments before acknowledging the visitor behind her. It wasn 't the first visiter she has ever had, and she knew who it was without looking. There was only one person it could be.
“Hello, Snow White,” the prisoner said softly.
“Hello, Stepmother,” Snow White replied with a nervous quiver. “I hope you well.”
Although Snow White had rehearsed exactly what she wanted to say. She was finding it nearly impossible to speak at that very moment.
“I heard that you are the queen now,” her stepmother said.
“It 's true,” said Snow White. “I 've inherited the throne as my father intended.”
“So, to what do I owe this honor? Did
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