The Quest For A Solution

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Ten thousand years earlier, a meteor has struck planet Ethnos and the resulted impact killed almost all its inhabitants. A few monkeys, which were near a cave, managed to run inside and luckily become saved with the entrance of the cave collapsing and blocking the entrance to tsunamis and other flooding. Several generations of these monkeys live happily together in the dark under the warmth of a nearby volcano until they were able to get out of the cave and started a different journey with a blue sun on the horizon. Now Brown and yellow, the monkeys never realized that they shared common ancestry and their skin color was a result of their respective habitat inside the cave. They went on with their life building different cities on this…show more content…
Like a plague ravaging their planet, this epidemic has been decimating all the cities on planet Ethnos and now it was the turn of their village and their family. Concerned by the look on her mother’s face, Error tries to understand what is going on and ask her mom about the tense atmosphere in the village and her dismal facial expression. Iwant started recounting to her one year old girl the complicated story of their species. She began with the meeting of the queens in which she learned about her fate as a female monkey. She said: “once every year following the last meteor catastrophe, monkey has been meeting regularly on a special occasion to commemorate the event and learn about the skills they need to master in order to survive and also to prepare the next generation; the meeting of the queen.” She added: “we have met several groups of monkeys in that setting. One group instructed me about the first time brown monkeys and yellow ones have met coming out of the same cave.” “Another group talked to me about why brown skin monkeys were the superior monkey among all and all the privileges they were granted in their society. They also explained to me, she exclaimed, how male monkeys were indolent, lazy, good-for-nothing and were only capable of doing sexual intercourse. One older female added that these males represented a waste in our community and only a few of them had enough strength to get a female monkey pregnant. At this point she became really agitated and shouted
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