The Quest For Peace And Justice

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When people think of speeches, they usually refer to important people talking about important topics. The idea of importance often differs time to time ranging from Abortions to Gun Laws. Martin Luther King, JR. is one of those important figures, as he led a variety of peaceful protests from the boycott for Rosa Parks to demonstrations in Birmingham in the fight for Civil Rights. Not to mention, he led the nonwhites in a peaceful resistance of nonviolence against unfair racial views. Out of all of his speeches, one unique one which stands out is “The Quest for Peace and Justice.” It shows the concept where mankind has still not matured enough to where each person of differing race is able to live next to each other peacefully. Unless mankind can get past the walls of racial injustice, ignorance of poverty, and the true evil of war, then the battle against racial prejudice will end in the worst scenario possible. Mankind already has the ability to solve all of its obstacles by uniting together as a family connected by love and god. In fact, there are two other speeches comparable in terms of influence and emotion. The most commonly known “I Have a Dream” speech on August 28th, 1963 and “A Time to Break Silence” as King believes the people must see the war from the perspective of the Vietnamese as a peaceful approach is the best approach. Of course, “The Quest for Peace and Justice” is inferior to those two simply because it is overloading on information, unclear, and unheard
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