The Quest For Progress Is The Center Of Every Great Civilization

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Throughout human history the quest for progress was always the center of every great civilization. The history of mankind and the conquest of energy are inseparable. First, the needs were modest: heating, cooking and perhaps illuminating. The energy was mainly related to the control of fire-. Then, developing societies were quickly forced to use other forms of energy. They were relied on human and animal power for construction, transport, travel, agriculture etc... The navigation is also an important step since, besides the human energy of the rowers, the use of the wind becomes essential for centuries. The mills are also used that energy as well. The mid-nineteenth century saw the advent and development of industrial civilization through the use of machines and the exploitation of new energy sources where vapor energy was first used then finally electricity provided by fossil fuels with coal and oil (later gas). Fossil fuel energies allow to design autonomous vehicles carrying their own source of energy (locomotives, automobiles and airplanes). During the twentieth century to our time, the growth of humanity energy needs is accelerating with an exponential rhythm. Electricity has become a must for many industries and our domestic uses. Fossil fuels are used heavily with the consequences we now know about global warming due to the emission of carbon dioxide when it is burned. The most significant and highly publicized geopolitical event in recent history was the rapid…
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