The Quest For Success

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The Quest For Success In todays workforce there are a lot of things that employers are looking for and most if not all students are not fully prepared for what will be expected of them. Tony Wager, Author of Rigor Redefined says, “Even our “best” schools are failing to prepare students for 21st-century careers and citizenship” (Wagner). It is a problem that has lead to studies of what hiring companies are looking for and what people are lacking. What we have found out is that the American educations system is letting our students down buy not teaching student what they need for success in todays global economy. Our school systems have been focusing on the scholastic side of educating our students and somewhat neglecting the more social skills that they also need to succeed. This is why we have college students with straight A’s but is physically afraid of public speaking or lake the ability to be an affective team leader in-group activity. We need to reevaluate how and what students are learning at all leaves of education so that we can produce better more prepared students that will be ready to hit the ground running in the work force. In todays fast pased, information driven work environment something that a lot of company look for and see that new comers to the workforce are lacing is the ability to adapt to the every changing work environments. “Clay Parker explained that anyone who works at BOC Edwards today “has to think, be flexible, change, and use a variety of

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