The Question Of Origin Of Life

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The Question of Origin Life began when Allah created every living thing from water (The Koran 21:30). Allah then created the universe in six days (The Koran 25:59). These six days can be interpreted as six distinct periods or eons (Doge 143). The reason the six days can be interpreted is because of the word youm. Youm is “understood as a long period of time, an era or eon.” (Dodge 143). Allah created the universe and the physical earth in “two days,” and then used the next four days to populate it with life (Dodge 143). Once he had created everything Allah established Himself on the Throne, to oversee all of creation (Dodge 144). Unlike the gods of Christianity and Judaism Allah does not require rest (The Koran 50:38). Allah also created…show more content…
The Qur’an has several different answers pertaining to mankind’s’ creation. “The answers given are a blood clot (surah 96:1-2), water (surah 21:30), burned clay (surah 15:26), dust (surah 3:59), nothing (surah 19:67), earth (surah 11:61), or a drop of thick fluid (surahs 16:4, 75:37)” (Caner 92). With all these differences, there is only one similarity between the biblical worldview and the Islamic worldview concerning creation. Both worldviews believe in a transcendent creator. It is almost impossible to give an understanding of origin because the origin of life is not considered important to most Muslims. This quandary supports evidence that Allah is not a personal God. He doesn’t care if his followers understand their origin, instead he places their very salvation in their own hands. Out of the one-hundred and two names Allah goes by not one of them is considered an intimate name (Caner 117). In contrast the Bible consistently refers to God as our father, thus presenting a more intimate creator. (Word count 519)

The Question of Identity To be human is to be honored above creatures of the earth and sea (The Koran 17:70). Allah also gave man the ability to discern good from evil and freewill (Baianonie). Not only are humans able to discern right from wrong we have the potential “to learn and acquire knowledge…” (Bainanonie). With these abilities given by Allah this means we are responsible and accountable for everything given (Baianonie). Also, apart of being
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