The Question Of Whether Women Can Grow From Their Religion

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The question of whether women can grow from their religion or are constantly stifled by it is one that can never truly have a definitive answer. Religion has so many qualities to make people as a whole greater and live a better life, but it can also put women into a role that they sometimes struggle to leave. The basis of religion is to give people an origin story. This allows people to not constantly bare the question of where their species comes from. Science came after religion which is why people tend to believe one or the other. In most traditions women tend to have a secondary role in the community. In times where religion was the ruler of civilizations religion became the community one lived in. Without religion in certain…show more content…
Women on the planet have drawn the short straw in the question of who is better biologically. The Qur’an shows that sad loss that women have been paying for since the time of creation. The religion of Islam is not the only one to have put women in a place that is lower than men most common world religions share these ideologies. Because most religious beliefs are against women that brings the world together to keep women down no matter what. The Qur’an states that a “husbands have a degree over them [women or wives]”(2:228). There is no question whether women are discriminated in the Qur’an and as a result the modern world. The relationship a woman must hold, if she chooses to be a part of the religion, is a tentative one. The outdated views of the men who wrote down these tales should be taken with a grain of salt. Religion in its form of community must be understood instead of read word for word without question. Coming from a women’s point of view she must look at the world around her and know that her place is not less than that of a man. Unlike men women cannot believe everything they read. Women need to pay attention to this relationship, because of the threat of institutionalized oppression. Religion because it’s ancient roots is taught from birth in most households which creates an environment for women to hold themselves back. The structure of religion in the world is the reason it is possible for women to be

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