The Question, “What Is The Meaning Of Life” Has Been Pondered

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The question, “What is the meaning of life” has been pondered by many philosophers and theologians for centuries. There has been no definite answer for this question. Almost no one would argue that there is no meaning. However, in his book, The Achievement Habit, author Bernard Roth does just this. In his book, he directly states, “meaning isn’t inherit in an object or a person” (Roth 18). Roth draws on the ideas championed by the famous philosopher, Aristotle, in his Rhetorical Triangle when he continues to argue these points. Roth’s claims, while incorrect, are soundly based, ethically, emotionally, and logically. Roth uses ethics to back up his claim in arguing that nothing has value, he draws on the reader’s emotions in instructing…show more content…
Some mothers murder their daughters. Some mothers deride and disdain them, and others cherish and support them.” (Roth 19). In this example, Roth is pointing out the value that mothers assign to their respective daughters is neither predetermined, nor universal, furthermore; it is the duty of the mother to evaluate their relationship with her daughter, then assign value. In Roth’s argument, the value that Sheri places within her daughter, essentially boils down to a conscious effort put forth by Sheri to honor her daughter. The book goes on to challenge the reader to state for his or her own self that nothing has meaning. In doing so, the reader applies the ideas that Roth champions to their respective selves, hence, appealing to the emotions of the reader. Aside from ethical and emotional arguments, Roth additionally provides logical evidence to back up his argument. Roth follows a proper debate structure in his argument, consisting of a claim, supporting evidence or a warrant, followed by a real world application, or impact. Roth’s claim can be broken down as follows. Roth makes his claim when he challenges the reader to state that nothing has meaning. This claim is clearly controversial and will have critics chomping at the bit to discredit it; however, Roth does provide evidence to back up his
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