The Question of Happiness

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A The texts in section A focus on happiness 1. Write a summary of text 1 “The Question of Happiness” in about 150 words.
Tal Ben-Shahar was 16 year old when he won his first Israeli National Squash Championship. He though by winning the title he could fill the emptiness there is over him. Even though he has his training he felt that something was missing, he didn’t had all the normal things others have. He believed in the sentence he made himself “Winning the championship was necessary for fulfilment. Fulfilment was necessary for happiness.” And that was the logic he operated after. He went out for celebration with friends and family and when he went back to his bed he somehow felt alone and unhappy so he
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People are also more likely to be anxious and trust the government less. Apart from that people have a tendency to separate from their relationships because of the fair for not being good enough opposite the trends they look at on social media etc.
The numb of people having access to Internet will no matter what always end on social media and mostly end up believing what’s being written.
The Internet is the influential technology of the information Age and with a explosive wireless communication in the early 21st century, people is now almost entirely connected, which is a positive
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