The Questionable Morals and Values of the United States Essay

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During the institution and emerging years of the United States of America to present, we have witnessed some questionable acts committed by the United States. Now days the United States condemn and prosecute nations that get involved in these kinds of tyrannous practices; practices that lead the United States to become the superpower nation today. Often times American people act like if the United States had the ultimate word when it comes to morals and principles. We will go back in time to talk about the massacre and displacement of millions of Natives Americans along with the semi-extinction of their lifestyle and heritage. It is also important to look at the indentured servitude slavery to which the African people were subject to. …show more content…
According to the Oxford Dictionary value is “a person‘s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life: they internalize their parents' rules and values.” We grow up under the impression that our parents and country are perfect and that they never did anything wrong. Our parents taught us the principle of accepting our mistakes; so that we could learn from them and never commit them again. We are used to seeing scenarios where kids are prompted by their parents to apologize to another kid for petty mistakes. It is common to relate our childhood to this scenario; we can always picture the parents standing behind the child with their arms crossed and their piercing eyes analyzing every one of the child’s words and moves. Now the kids grow and watch in disbelief how governments operate with double standards and how society turns a blind eye pretending that nothing wrong is happening. Are children the only ones that should be forced to apologize and make changes in behavior? Someone once said that values start at home. Since the United States of America is the home of our society shouldn’t society values start with American government actions? The United States of America has stepped into the role of world leader; setting the example for other countries to live by. Since the United States sets the example for other countries to live by shouldn’t the United States actions also reflect the
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