The Questionnaire For The Survey

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Main Survey:
The questionnaires for the survey were divided into three different questionnaires as described on the section above. The procedure for drafting and doing the survey could bee seen in the appendix 5.2. Each type will be explained below:
1. The Consumer Behaviour Questionnaire:
The survey for consumer behaviour was taken by using online software named Polldaddy. In the cover letter of the questionnaire, the background of the company is written and it also contained a brief introduction about the project.
The questionnaire consisted by 14 questions. Each of the questions covers every area that needed to be investigated. Researcher asked about the age and gender of the respondent to investigate the demographic of prospective target market for Cooper and Griffin Beer Co. The questionnaire is only for the beer drinker, therefore in the question 3, researcher did not include never in the answer list to avoid any confusion from the participants. The next 10 questions are created to understand about their drinking habit, the questions given are subjected to place of drinking, place to buy the drink, the amount consumed by the participants and some more questions centred to the participants preference over their drink. In the end of the questionnaire, the question about participant’s view over charity beer was putted because charity beer is the main product of Cooper and Griffin Beer Co and could lead researcher into conclusion. The questionnaire can be viewed in…
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