The Questionnaire For The Survey

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Main Survey: The questionnaires for the survey were divided into three different questionnaires as described on the section above. The procedure for drafting and doing the survey could bee seen in the appendix 5.2. Each type will be explained below: 1. The Consumer Behaviour Questionnaire: The survey for consumer behaviour was taken by using online software named Polldaddy. In the cover letter of the questionnaire, the background of the company is written and it also contained a brief introduction about the project. The questionnaire consisted by 14 questions. Each of the questions covers every area that needed to be investigated. Researcher asked about the age and gender of the respondent to investigate the demographic of prospective…show more content…
In the end of the questionnaire, researcher asked the question about the possibility for the targeted to place to be one of the Cooper and Griffin Beer Co, because the purpose of this survey is to search for new partnership. The questionnaire can be viewed in Appendix 6.2. 3. Taste Tester Questionnaire: Taste tester questionnaire began with numerous questions regarding the participant consent that the products they will be taken are alcoholic product and participant is aware of any risk regarding the beverage. The survey taken by invited approximately 20 people to the taste tester session. The questionnaire consisted by 12 questions. Researcher divided the questions into 3 sections, first and second section has 6 similar questions asked about the 2 product’s taste, aroma, body and participants comment about the beer. The third section required participants to compare the 2 products, which one suits their taste better. The procedure for drafting and doing the survey could be seen in 5.2.2. The questionnaire can be viewed in Appendix 6.3. Analysis Of The Questionnaires: After collecting all the data from the samples the next step is analysis of the data. All the data was analysed through SPSS software that would help in analysing the questionnaires. Once all the data is inputted the software helps in easy
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