The Quick Rate Of Progress Of Corporate Business

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction 2
1.1 Operations as key function 3
1.2 Operations as transformation process: 4
2. Perspectives of operations management 5
3. Operations management from quality perspective 6
3.1Quality: 6
3.2Total Quality Management Perspective 7
3.2.1Total quality management 7
3.2.2 Quality Improvement and Role of Employees 9
4. Operations management from operational excellence perspective 11
5. Reference: 12

1. Introduction
Globalization in market, development in technology, improvement in worldwide exchange barriers and boom in economies plays a vital role for many countries to change their economic structure and helps the organizations to modify their strategies, techniques and their method of doing business. The quick rate of progress of corporate business includes re-examining of operations management methods: for maintaining and increasing competitive advantage, creative ways to deal with advancement, sourcing, assembling and logistics are required. (Franco, 2011)
Some of the definitions of operations management are as follows:
According to Lee and Schniederjans (1994), operations management is defined as the study of ideas, methods and skills which are used by managers and employees in the operations of organisations.
On the other hand, in accordance to the illustration of Meredith (1992), Operations management is defined as the procedure of changing inputs into useful final output and enhancing importance to something; this is the
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