The Quickening

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THE QUICKENING Author: Lisa Interollo Title It refers to sth which is happening quickly. Setting :- New York - in different places such as shopping stores, a pharmacy, a small private school for girls “Kingston”, a park on cold and snowy days in February in winter . Point of view: First person point of view ; Limited(the narrator doesn’t know the thoughts and feelings of the other characters) Conflict: External conflict : saleswoman vs the girls ( caught stealing and in conflict with the saleswoman) Internal conflict : (while they were going to school with Miss Olafson ,Vicky feels nervous and considers running but that may be thought as an outright admission of guilt and besides that the saleswoman might come after…show more content…
He’s a tall thin young man with pock-marked cheeks and ironic smiling eyes . He is a charming and understanding person and has a great influence on Vicky. He sometimes asks academic questions that have never been answered. They think his dilemma makes him a charming person but causes his failure as well. Mrs Medford: Mrs Medford is the principal of the college, Her self-confidence makes her seem arrogant and snobbish, she is always well-dressed, neat and tidy and soft spoken and quietly impressive Mother: has health problems such as varicose veins and migraines, works in a Social Security office , uninterested, the children needs her guidance but she is always very tired always, makes discrimination, lacks of authority, favors George and always finds excuses to defend him, indifferent, uncaring, Suggested Themes: Non-punishment is more effective than punishment Being understanding is more effective than punishment Parental guidance has an important influence in one’s life Children cannot learn everything by experience.. Techniques Sense impressions( There are a lot , I wrote just a few examples) Woolworth’s is swimming
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