The Quiet World Of Written Words

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The Quiet World of Written Words: How I Discovered Literature It was a time of long hair and stealth window escapes at the midnight hour, a time of skipping class and anti-establishment sentiment spewing forth from my foul, juvenile, remorseless mouth. I was mad without reason. Full of aggressive energy, anger was the emotion with which I chose to express myself. Naturally, I found fuel for the fire in a band named Rage Against the Machine. Front-man Zach de la Rocha put the emotions I was experiencing into a lyrical poetic, militant, rap-core metal form. It was unlike anything I had ever heard before: pure, intellectual, and most of all, unfiltered. Initially, I was drawn to Rage because of its sound and raw musical talent with their unparalleled ability to blend various genres of music and produce something authentic in a world of simulacra. On the other hand, I had little knowledge of events, names, and issues that this band brought to my attention: real-life sociological issues like economic inequality, political prisoners held captive in our own country, brute force control, and the reality that freedom is a hoodwink illusion. These are topics that I came to feel passionately about and of which I wish others were more conscious and aware, subject matters that are heinous to the extent that one does not actually want to look at them, but to look away and ignore them would be unethical and immoral.*thesis here maybe??
My sixteen-year-old mind was simply too curious and…
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