The Quiz On Terms Of Party Alignment Was The Democratic Party

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The results on the quiz in terms of party alignment was the Democratic Party. The quiz showed I was in agreement with the Democratic Party more than the other parties with a match of 87%. I also had high percentages in the Green Party, Libertarians, and the Constitution Party. The reason I have high percentages for the other parties as well is because they all have different views on all the different issues and how they approach the problems, so I agree with some of the issues they are for or against or even what they are doing to be for or against them. I was not expecting to get the results of being more in agreement to the Democratic Party for many reasons. I was surprised because my family is more a part of the Republican Party and have been very against democrats for as long as I can remember. I have also been raised being told it is all about the Republican Party’s way and the issues the party stands on. The issues I had thought previously about were abortion, gun control, immigration, the economy, and healthcare. Specifically the downfall of the economy, Obamacare dealing with the issue of healthcare, and illegal immigration when it comes to problems with the border patrol and security. I had thought about abortion before because of the news stories and the fight against it. The issues that were slightly new to me were issues dealing with oil and the military. These issues were new to me because they are a couple that I have never had any real problem with or they…
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