The Qur ' An Source Of God

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The Qur’an, which according to the traditional narrative is a direct word of God, is deemed as the most authoritative source in Islam. After that comes the Hadith, which is a collection of narrations of what the prophet Muhammad said or did during his lifetime. In the end, Muhammad is said to be an example of a perfect Muslim, and his example should be followed by all Muslims. Moreover, his wives and daughters are also to serve as an example to all Muslim women. Now, in the Qur’an there are a few different terms used when discussing the veil. All of these terms are ambiguous, meaning they have more than one meaning. In addition, the Hadith doesn’t have a definitive answer as to whether a woman should wear the veil and how. However, from the Hadith we do know that prophet’s wives and daughters wore the veil, they’ve covered their hair and dressed modestly. This leads to questions such as, what role does the veil have in religious, educational, and professional life of Muslim women today? For some Muslim women to wear a veil is to portray their piety, their devotion to God. In their interpretation of Qur’an, the words used to describe the veil mean that a Muslim woman must guard her beauty, and cover any part of her that may lead to unnecessary attention or attraction from men who are not related by blood or by marriage. Thus, this would include wearing looser clothing and covering her hair in public. Besides, very important female historical figures such as prophet Muhammad

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