The Quran And The Prophet Muhammad

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It all began around the time period of 650 AD when the Quran was written. The prophet Muhammad wrote the Quran from direct wordings of God. In the Quran the prophet Muhammad helps guide the Muslims to have a righteous life and to follow his path. Within this sacred book, it also brings different testimonial disputes which lead to discrete views. I believe the Quran is a sacred book that helps guide the Muslims to the righteous path by illustrating a relationship between the Abrahamic religions, how the Quran portray the Jews and Christians, and the important connections between the Abrahamic religions. These are the key points that one will understand by the in depth process of analyzing the Quran document.
There is a relationship between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity when it comes to certain aspects in each religious practice. On the other hand, there are also relationships between two of the religions and not all. These Abrahamic religions believe in a god, “God is All-mighty, the Avenger” , the Abrahamic religions believe that God is the true all mighty, the creator of heaven and earth. In addition, they believe that God can see every little thing that’s going on, “Nothing on Earth or in Heaven is hidden Him” . The similarity that the Abrahamic religions have is the idea of believing in one God, making them all a monotheistic religion. “We worship no one but God and do not associate [any god] with Him, and we do not take each other as lords instead of God” . This shows

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