The R & R Of Apple Inc. And Samsung Electronics

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Electronics. The two graphs below illustrate the R&D spending of Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics. Visual 8-Source: StatCounter © Statista 2015 Visual 9-Source: StatCounter © Statista 2015
Samsung always spend more money on R&D than Apple. For example, in 2012, Samsung spends 11.18 billion dollars, but Apple only spends 3.38 billion dollars. In 2014, Apple increase its spending to 6.04 billion dollars, but the amount of Samsung is even larger than that (13.94 billion dollars). Both graphs also demonstrate clearly that both Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics have increased their spending for R&D over time. Even though Samsung Electronics spends a lot of money for R&D, they don’t obviously get what they pay for. On the other hand, Apple Inc. spends less money but wisely, so their R&D brings back large amount of profit. After doing the analysis, R&D of Apple Inc. indicates its ability to generate profit thorough new researches and spending money wisely.
Third criterion: Ratios of financial statements
Last but not least, financial statements are always a significant criterion to evaluate before investing in a business. This report will analyze several ratios that can be calculated from financial statement of Apple Inc. to evaluate its financial standing. The statistics are only in 2013 and 2014. Those ratios are then compared with the average number of the technology industry through CSI Market official website.
Accounts receivable turnover indicates how many days it…
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