The RTWMTC Budget for the 2013 Fiscal Year

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Introduction The budget for RTWMTC for the 2013 fiscal year carries with it a total surplus of $1800. The budget has been designed in a manner to come close to breakeven, and is based on estimates of income and outlays from previous years. Revenues This year's revenue assumption is for $800,000 is base grants and other non-donation revenue. Over the past five years, donations have run about 8-12% of grants and non-donation sources, and some additional revenue is typically recorded from the sale of t-shirts, coffee mugs, pins and other such items. The total revenues are expected to be $890,000, as illustrated below: Cash Inflows Revenue 800000 Public Donations 75000 Other Inflows 15000 Total Inflows 890000 Outlays RTWMTC has a total salaries and benefits budget of $128,000 for the coming fiscal year. There are four paid employees of the charity, and each has salaries and benefits specified in his or her employment agreement. Thus, the budget for salaries and benefits is fixed. Volunteer costs are estimated to be around $200 for each volunteer, and the RTWMTC has around fifty volunteers who are active participants in our programs. These costs include free t-shirts and costs associated with the year-end volunteer party. The main source of outlays is from the programs. The three programs have total outlays of $675,000. This figure represents 75.8% of total revenues. The RTWMTC recorded outlays of 72.9% last year, so this figure represents an

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