The Raccoon By Zoë Munro: A Short Story

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The Raccoon

Zoë Munro

Those oversized glowing eyes were following me, tracking my every move. What were a group of crazed Racoons doing chasing me anyway? My pyjamas were falling down around my legs, I tripped over a log, the racoons were upon me, asking for my signature and chittering with glee. A lump of fur landed on me, and was taking a selfie with their smart phones. My fame was getting out of control, these raccoon groupies were crazed. I thrashed to get it off me, waking up to discover Chris trying to calm me down. “Whoa buddy, calm down, its just me” said Chris, my best friend. “Its time to get up and get ready for school camp”.

Hopefully this picnic was going to be better than breakfast. After arriving by bus at our destination,
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As I started to do up my fly, (bladder satisfied!) I looked up to the branch above my head. I stood still, my feet glued the spot, too petrified to move...there, on the branch above me, was a family of five raccoons! Their eyes looked like shining daggers. Ten yellow, beady eyes were staring me down. I wanted to scream, but nothing came out of my mouth. I looked back at the raccoons, my feet turned from stone to jelly, as I tried to melt backwards into my clothes, this I thought was the only way I would be able to hide from the monsters in the tree. Which presently where slinking down the tree trunk single file, about to corner me, I turned to look at them face on, then I noticed it. The leading Raccoon had something hard and rectangular in it's claw. "Ahhhhhh" I cried, " A smartphone." I hid behind a bush, to escape the red flashing light of the recording phone. I stayed there until it began to get dark, and the raccoons went back up the tree and into the tree trunk. I looked around, it was even darker than before. I wandered, eventually finding my way back to the path. Everyone was gone, I had to get back to camp quickly. I ran down the path. As I approached the camp I could hear people's voices calling out someone's name. Then I realised, that was my name they were calling! I sprinted towards the main tent, (where all the teachers slept.) everyone was soooo pleased to see me, especially Chris…show more content…
I was furiously pointing at the spot where the raccoon was, then, to my amazement, Chris went over to the bench and picked up the raccoon. As he picked the raccoon up, it made a noise that you would expect to come from a dog toy. Everyone burst into laughter, and I realised that this 'raccoon' was actually a dog chew toy!! Oh no!!!!!! I had just done the most embarrassing thing ever, mistaking a dog toy for a raccoon! "Ha ha" I laughed, on the inside however, I felt like a complete fool. I felt all my dignity disappear down the drain pipe, this is the fate of being named Dwayne
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