The, Race, And Gender

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Sometimes people find themselves trapped between the lesser of two evils, struggle with which to identify with. These “choices” though not really choices at all, are given to people everyday and we are forced to suffer or benefit from the consequences of each choice. Now, these are choices that we, ourselves didn’t even pick ourselves, but rather the accident of birth and genetics chose for us before we were even ourselves. The choices I speak about here are the ways in which people deal with intersecting realms of class, race, and gender. Some say that we lose a part of ourselves when we attempt to change how people perceive our class or race, but can we truly change who we are? And do we lose a part of ourselves by trying to be something else? One could fit into a multitude of different labels, and they will have to adjust their persona for each one. For example, a person could be a woman which already relegates them to lesser than a man, or so our society and history says. That woman could then be a race other than white, which drops her even lower, and she didn’t choose either of those “adversities”. On the flip side, one could have been born into the world being a white male with wealthy parents. This male will not have to face the same struggles as the non-white female. Though there will still be struggles for the male, those struggles will still be different than the non-white female. Oppression isn’t a competition, but the fact that non-white, non-male persons have…

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