The Race Problem Of America Essay

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As Americans we are proud to say that everyone is politically equal and shares the same rights and liberties before the law. However, only considering political equality undermines the deep-seated race problem of America. America does have a race problem but it is too daunting to solve all at once. Nevertheless, we can still take a small step towards a more racially equal society by focusing on one of the more pressing issues of America’s ‘race problem’ today which lies in the justice system and is particularly evident in Chicago. Chicago is one of the most racially segregated cities in America with the north side being predominantly occupied by whites, the south and west sides being occupied by blacks and the southwest and northwest being dominated by Hispanics. Chicago’s minority dominated neighborhoods has been plagued with increasing homicide rates, violent crimes, and a growing drug and gang culture. The city has been considered one of America’s most gang infested cities which means that murders and shootings are a common occurrence in everyday life for the residents. The spiraling rise in violence means a greater concentration of police and law enforcement which instills fear and paranoia of the police and ultimately the government into the community. This creates an especially deleterious environment for kids growing up in these neighborhoods who are constantly drawn in to the allure of gangs, drugs, and violence.
A potential solution to this problem would be to
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