The Racial Contract Essay

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In The Racial Contract, it is argued that contemporary structures of white domination in the United States operate by means of an epistemology of ignorance for white people. White people inadvertently suffer from cognitive dysfunctions such that they cannot understand the racially (and racistly) structured world in which they live and, indeed, helped create. For Mills, while no person of any race is self-transparent, becoming a white person entails a particularly extreme form of self-opacity regarding issues of race that corresponds with a conspicuously bad or offensive misunderstanding of the world. Recently with the invasion of Iraq, the president has proven that white people believe that they are correct when that in any given conflict …show more content…
Crime takes place through oppressive structures such as white domination, and can take root existentially in people’s personal lives. Racism has a long history of perpetuating itself through political, economic, national, educational and other institutions that are much larger, so to speak, than any individual. Yet part of the way that these institutions are able so effectively to privilege white people and exploit non-white people is through the development of individual attachments and commitments to them. It is a fact that drug legislation is a racially motivated social construct which is there to place non-whites in prison. It would be presumptuous to assume that there aren’t any good intentions of drug legislation, but when the government decides to “crack down” on one drug more so than another, they are unconsciously saying that the group of people with possession of a certain drug has a tendency to do more evil. If the government changed legislature to seek out abusers of prescription drugs, it would be certain that there would be more non-colored citizens in jail. Unfortunately for people of a non-white heritage, new legislation will probably never even make it to the floors of congress against prescription drugs because it is an assumption that they aren’t

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