The Racism Of African Americans

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African Americans have been the subject of racialized and digressive talk that has socially constructed them as criminals and disturbed individuals, which challenges their humankind and their entitlement to an honest to goodness social and racial personality. Such racialized talk has it’s establishes in suppression, was duplicated among the Jim Crow period, and is kept up today through systemic prejudice to keep them from having a solid character, one that the world can acknowledge and respect.
Regarding the matter of personality, Blacks have a bewildering, yet interesting situating in America now like never before. Most African Americans like myself, have no nearby ties, if by any means, to their African ancestry, which makes them fairly unidentifiable with the "Motherland."
African Americans/Blacks/Negroes have no genuine feeling of identity. In case you 're African American, you 're more than likely far expelled from the African landmass and society. On the off chance that you utilize "black" or "Negro" you 're helped to remember the racial implications of subjection, brought on by the racists of that time. Just those from the Caribbean islands like Jamaica, Trinidad, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Barbados have a genuine feeling of their character and society. Due to these reasons, it turns out to be somewhat hard to just slap "African American," "Black" or "Negro" as markers of Identity. Many black young men and women today fail to identify or choose not to
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